Voices from Latin America

Voices from Latin America

Alejandro “Loche” Lo Celso of PampaType, Fernanda Cozzi of FerCozzi, and Rodrigo Saiani of Plau: Together, they present a cross section type design that is equal parts practical and exciting. Lucas Czarnecki talks to them about the combination of Latin culture and contemporary design they bring to Type Network.

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Our newest foundry partner
Bijou Type is home to typefaces developed by Dan Rhatigan.

After managing type development for years at both Monotype and Adobe, Dan has established Bijou Type for his own work, informed by a decades-long career in various facets of typography. Bijou typefaces are the result of ideas that have simmered for quite a while, fed by Dan’s deep fascination with all things typographic. Inquiries about customization or expansion of the Bijou types are encouraged, as Dan cultivates this collection to meet customers’ needs as well as his own.

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Typeland is an independent design studio based in south London, specializing in multi-script design and custom fonts.

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Elefonts designs retail and custom fonts in close collaboration with their clients to provide a unique typographic solution.

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Contrast Foundry

Contrast Foundry is a global studio focused on designing letterforms in all their incarnations.

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— Joe Hutchinson, creative director, Rolling Stone
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Alexis, Glenda, Roger, Michelle, Christopher, Dan, Dyana, and Lucas: Not in the photo: Guido, Kate, David, and Abigayle.