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With variable fonts, there’s no need to compromise typography and design for performance. Learn more about this new font technology and play around with a few designs from Type Network’s partners that will show you some of their potential.

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World-class partners

Our foundry partners are some of the world’s best designers, with specialties in variable fonts, global scripts, and more.

Best fonts in the world

Every typeface published on TN— and our custom design work—goes through our industry-leading, 29-step technical review process, ensuring that you have the best fonts possible.

Industry expertise

Our staff are recognized industry experts. With more than 200-years of combined experience, we are ready to handle any typographic problem.

Typographic services

Our foundry partners are experts in custom typeface design, variable fonts, logo development, font modification, and brand typography in all of its incarnations. Type Network can help you manage any typography project.

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A TN project: MTV Gravity Grotesk was designed by partners Kerns & Cairns, Victoria Rushton, and CSTM Fonts.

New foundry partners
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Manchester Type

Manchester Type is a type foundry with a global view of typography. Their type shows a love for historical references and a desire to provide contemporary functionality.

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Elefonts designs retail and custom fonts in close collaboration with their clients to provide a unique typographic solution.

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Building on over thirty years of custom lettering, typography, and brand experience, Tipofili is the complementary foundry to Louise Fili Ltd, providing retail fonts and bespoke typography.

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What our clients say

Working with a type designer to produce a logomark is a dream experience as a creative director.

— Joe Hutchinson, creative director, Rolling Stone
200-years of combined experience

Our team has experts on every side of type and typography. Let us help you find the right fonts, the right brand system, or build you an original custom typeface. We represent and work with the best type designers in the world. Let us answer your questions and solve your problems.

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