Designing Fit – Designing Tomorrow Today

DJR shares how his typeface, Fit, which addressed the impulse to stretch and squish letters to fill space, uses variable tech to make to make the copy . . . fit.


David Jonathan Ross

David Jonathan Ross draws letters of all shapes and sizes for custom and retail typeface designs. A native of Los Angeles, he now makes fonts in the woods of Western Massachusetts. He began drawing typefaces at Hampshire College and joined Font Bureau in 2007 where he honed his bézier-wrangling skills. Now he publishes his typeface designs at his own foundry, DJR, as well as working on projects with Type Network and developing unusual display faces for his Font of the Month Club.


How to Get There

The Underware team takes us on an exploration of the lettering universe, with variable fonts as the vehicle.

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Variable Brand Voice

Rodrigo Saiani of Plau presents a talk on Variable Brand Voice, explaining how the fields of identity design, brand cultivation, and type design are becoming increasingly linked.

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Designing with VFs

Lynne Yun and Kevin Yeh speak on Designing with Variable Fonts. They show how to combine variable fonts with real world-inputs and animation to create one-of-a-kind designs for any project.

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