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We make it easy to find and license the world’s best type. Many of the world’s great companies use the type expertise of our partner designers to solve their type, design, and branding challenges. Type Network clients include:
, Adidas, Disney, ESPN,
, Microsoft,
, The New York Times,
, and
The Washington Post

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I try to look a lot at the space around me: Objects, photographs, nature, sign painting, brands, posters…

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Antonio Lechuga (Large)
Lechuga Type opens for business

To every typeface he designs, Antonio Lechuga brings his decade of experience as a graphic and brand identity designer. His foundry joins Type Network with three faces. Here, Lechuga shares how he learned type design from Paco Calles, drew inspiration from Luc(as) de Groot, and worked with David Kimura.

30-years later, Neville Brody’s new book arrives
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Our newest foundry partner
Huy! Fonts

Huy! Fonts is a type foundry dedicated to capturing the impact of letters in our visual culture, from Renaissance text faces to signpainting.

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World-class partners

Our foundry partners are some of the world’s best designers, with specialties in variable fonts, global scripts, and more.

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Best fonts in the world

Every typeface published on TN— and our custom design work—goes through our industry-leading, 29-step technical review process, ensuring that you have the best fonts possible.

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Industry expertise

Our staff are recognized industry experts. With more than 200-years of combined experience, we are ready to handle any typographic problem.

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Typographic services

Our foundry partners are experts in custom typeface design, variable fonts, logo development, font modification, and brand typography in all of its incarnations. Type Network can help you manage any typography project.

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What our clients say

Working with a type designer to produce a logomark is a dream experience as a creative director.

— Joe Hutchinson, creative director, Rolling Stone
Recent foundry partners
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Manic Type

Manic Type is an independent type foundry that focuses on providing tactile typography for textural fanatics.

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Jo Malinis

Jo Malinis is a graphic designer, type designer, and educator from the Philippines.

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Huy! Fonts

Huy! Fonts is a type foundry dedicated to capturing the impact of letters in our visual culture, from Renaissance text faces to signpainting.

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Featured foundry partners
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Berlin-based LucasFonts is a bustling studio with a small, dedicated team, producing the narrowest, thinnest, wittiest and boldest typefaces around.

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MVB Fonts

MVB Fonts is a digital type foundry established in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1991 by type designer Mark van Bronkhorst.

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Bold Monday

Bold Monday specializes in creating original, sometimes slightly offbeat typefaces that are always produced with great care and attention to detail.

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Type-Ø-Tones is a typographic design company founded in 1990 by Joan Barjau, Enric Jardí, Laura Meseguer and José Manuel Urós.

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Typeland is an independent design studio based in south London, specializing in multi-script design and custom fonts.

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Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson’s typefaces contribute to the visual landscape in branding, product packaging, entertainment, print covers, gaming, and more.

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