Our video series on variable fonts

We’ve learned about how variables can push the reading experience, improve accessibility and readability, and redefine brands. These four videos from the online conference distill the promise of variable fonts.

How to get there

The Underware team explores the expanding universe of variable fonts. In doing so, they uncover that VFs are not the destination—they’re the vehicle. The question is not ‘how to get there?’, but ‘how to get where?’

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Designing Fit

DJR shares how his typeface, Fit, which addressed the impulse to stretch and squish letters to fill space, uses variable tech to make to make the copy . . . fit.

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Variable brand voice

In Rodrigo Saiani’s survey of identity design, brand cultivation, and type design, he reveals not only that the fields are increasingly linked but also that they’re evolving towards a variable future.

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Designing with VFs
Space Type

Lynne Yun and Kevin Yeh of Space Type demonstrate how incorporating real-world inputs and animation can elevate your design projects. (And how variable fonts make that easier than ever.)

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