Leinster Type

Welcome to Leinster Type, the type foundry of Australian born Typeface Designer—
Troy Leinster

For me, designing a typeface is like creating a unique artwork or fine piece of jewelry. Each project develops slowly in stages, starting with a sketch, then drawing a prototype, then carefully arranging, testing, and improving the intricate moving parts until they all work together effortlessly. This process can take months, and in most cases years from conception to completion. It’s the building process of making a typeface that appeals to me, it’s like one big jigsaw puzzle.

With such a huge selection of free fonts available for quick download, it’s apparent to me that if what you make is not distinct, it’s not worth making. At Leinster Type I’m building a collection of fonts for graphic designers, typographers, and branding specialists, that are well-made, expressive, and unique. When you’re looking for that perfect hidden gem to express yourself and enhance your work, please consider a font from Leinster Type

Typeface development
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