Zetafonts finely designs high quality retail typefaces and provides custom font design services for commercial and institutional clients worldwide.

Zetafonts create meaningful typefaces with a clear “case of use situation” and a strong “problem solving attitude”. Its goal is to provide finely crafted and innovative yet solid design tools for graphic designers, art directors and brand managers worldwide. The Zetafonts activity is also towards the promotion of typographical culture through the organization of educational initiatives, talks and courses.

Zetafonts is an independent type foundry based in the heart of Florence (Italy), established in 2001 by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Francesco Canovaro, and Debora Manetti.

Over the years Zetafonts has been producing a prolific portfolio of high-quality type families, including language and symbols extensions: a vast range of innovative and stylish fonts suitable for digital and physical applications; in addition, Zetafonts also offers custom type design services and branding consultancy to selected clients worldwide.

Zetafonts is part of Ligature Srl, a brand focusing on typographic culture, currently also operating on projects such as TypeCampus and Italiantype.

Typeface development
Font modification
Language expansion
Variable Fonts
Lettering and logotypes
Custom licensing and consulting
Florence, Italy