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noun: occupant; plural noun: occupants
a person who resides or is present in a house, vehicle, seat, place, etc., at a given time

“Occupant” is an open-ended word. Anyone can be an occupant. It is a matter of what you’re occupying at any given moment. You can occupy Wall Street. You can occupy your apartment. You can occupy yourself. To be an occupant, you have to show up. We at Occupant Fonts, often referred to as “Occupants,” believe in being present and open-minded.

Founded by Cyrus Highsmith in 2015, Occupant Fonts is relatively young compared to his 20+ years of experience as a type designer. We joined Morisawa in 2017 to be the Japanese type company’s Latin alphabet counterpart. We focus on developing original typefaces.


Typeface development
Variable Fonts
Custom licensing and consulting
Providence, RI