Kent Lew

A former book designer and creative director, Kent Lew has been designing type since the early 2000s. His first retail font family, Whitman, was originally published by Font Bureau in 2003 and has been used extensively in books, newspapers, and magazines, including Brides, Women’s Health, Fortune, and W.

Kent has provided custom typeface design for prominent publications such as Minneapolis Star Tribune, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, and TIME magazine. He produced font specimens and marketing materials for Font Bureau for many years, has performed font engineering and production work for Carter & Cone, and advised Japan’s Morisawa foundry on the design of extended Latin character sets. He also consults for book and magazine publishers on type selection, typography standards, and text production workflows.

His primary interest lies in text typeface design, drawing heavily on his own experience specifying and setting type, and he is greatly influenced by the work of mid-20th century designers like Dwiggins, Ruzicka, and Blumenthal.

Typeface development
Font modification
Language expansion
Custom licensing and consulting