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Contrast Foundry is a studio focused on designing letterforms in all their incarnations.

The studio was founded by Maria Doreuli in 2014, initiated by a collaboration with Liza Rasskazova. Yet the online collection of fonts only became available through at the end of 2018. In the past years the full-time team grew from 2 to 7 people, as the studio was joined by Nikita, Anna, Egor, Anastasia, and Tasya. All team members have a background in design, yet they specialize in different fields from management to calligraphy and typeface engineering.

The team may be based in different locations, yet everyone is still working closely together. CoFo works across the ocean, overcoming borders, time, and any other obstacles in its path, creating a strong united team of motivated individuals. CoFo’s work is built on contrasts. It designs both eccentric display typefaces and neutral classics. The designers focus on retail fonts, with a passion for creating challenging custom typefaces and lettering for their clients.

CoFo runs an independent studio and offers its own educational programs for graphic and type designers via Type Design Workshop. Contrast Foundry was created out of love for letterforms and to share the excitement, passion and care about typeface design with the people around.


Typeface development
Font modification
Language expansion
Variable Fonts
Lettering and logotypes