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Ruggero Magrì

Ruggero Magrì

Ruggero Magrì is an independent Type Designer and Lettering Artist from Italy. He enjoys drawing outspoken letterforms while playing with strong and vibrant color palettes. 

Both analog and digital, any potential media attracts Ruggero and pushes him to research new expressive possibilities.

During his career, he drew typefaces for several type foundries such as Typoteque, Dinamo, Typofonderie, DJR, Newlyn and Alfatype Fonts and taught Type Design at Politecnico di Milano and IED Turin, two renowned Italian institutes. In 2019 he won the SOTA Catalyst Award, in 2021 he received the Certificate of Typographic Excellence and in 2023 he won the Ascender prize from the TDC.

Ruggero Magrì