Subset away!

Subsetting, long available to our Webtype customers, has always been in the cards for Type Network. Finally it’s here.
We’re excited to announce new functionality on our website that allows you to subset your webfonts. Our goal is to help you be more efficient and speed up load times on your web pages. Many of our typefaces have large character sets that support a wide range of languages. We understand that not everyone needs the same support, though. By subsetting your webfonts, you can reduce file size and include only what you need.
Image description
The subsetting interface. Choose only what you need and boost your speed.
Subsetting is also helpful if you’re using a particular font style for a small amount of text on a page. Within the subsetting UI, the custom field allows you to specify precisely which characters you need. If you already have a license, you can log in to your account to take advantage of this new option. If you’re self-hosting your webfonts, you’ll be offered the option to subset when you download your font files. If you have a hosted license, you can go into your web project and click on the Edit icon next to your font styles to see the subsetting options. More information can be found on our support page. As always, feel free to contact us at with questions or feedback.