ScreenFonts: February 2019 | The Leftovers

These posters didn’t make the cut, but are still noteworthy for their design and/or typography.
Alternate poster for Anna and The Apocalypse
Anna and the Apocalypse © 2018 Odeon. Clawing zombie arms cleverly create a Christmas tree by omission. The girl brandishing the giant candy cane to bludgeon zombies adds a touch of humor. It’s a shame the awkward typeface diminishes this cool, darkly funny design.
Bill Sienkiewicz’s illustrated character poster for Halloween
Halloween © 2018 Universal Pictures. Bill Sienkiewicz became one of my favorite comic-book artists in the 1990s (and still is). His illustrated artwork for LA is everything it needs to be: surreal, unsettling, and creepy. The blotchy, scrawny hand-lettered title fits the art to a T.
Theatrical one-sheet for London Fields
London Fields © 2018 Paladin. Bodega Sans adds the requisite noir touch to this poster; sadly, the “Fields” part is unevenly spaced to make the left side of the L line up vertically with the D in “London”. Supporting typeface Mostra Nuova reinforces the distinguished retro look.
Shelly Grizim’s theatrical one-sheet for Distant Constellation
Distant Constellation © 2018 Grasshopper Film. Coeditor and producer Shelly Grizim designed this stylish one-sheet with understated, elegant serif typography. Big Moore has similar Baskerville roots; IvyJournal has the same generous proportions and delicate finish. Other transitional serif faces include Freight, Escrow, and Miller.
Theatrical one-sheet for The Old Man and the Gun
The Old Man and the Gun © 2018 Fox Searchlight Pictures. This pared-down poster focuses on Robert Redford’s Forrest Tucker, with minimal support from ITC Souvenir. Unfortunately, the enlarged capitals, different sizes and weights, and alternating all-caps and mixed-case setting make the title look like an uneven, jumbled mess. Take a look at Kopius for similar soft, bulbous serifs.
Alternate poster for Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson © 1972 Warner Bros. Adrian Curry of Movie Poster of The Day fame pointed out the similarities with Redford’s classic pose as the mountain man Jeremiah Johnson against the endless white of the American North.
Fathom Media’s theatrical one-sheet for Nommer 37
Nommer 37 (Number 37) © 2018 Dark Star Pictures. This colorful, textured one-sheet by Fathom Media makes beautiful use of the typical style for house numbers.
Peter Strain’s theatrical one-sheet for Sicilian Ghost Story
Sicilian Ghost Story © 2018 Strand Releasing. British illustrator Peter Strain produced this breathtakingly gorgeous one-sheet with lyrical serif lettering.
International one-sheet for Mobile Homes
Mobile Homes © 2018 Dark Star Pictures. The scintillating golden pictogram of a house on top of the hazy photograph makes for a poetic poster.
Le Cercle Noir’s domestic poster for Mobile Homes
Le Cercle Noir literally encapsulates the concept of family in the universal sign for home, hovering over a road—thus visualizing both the title and the movie’s themes.
P+A’s teaser for Roma
Roma © 2018 Netflix. P+A’s poetic teaser conjures up the innocent, simple pleasure of lying on the ground and gazing up at the sky. The type made me think of Font Bureau’s classic Romeo.
Concept Art’s theatrical one-sheet for Roma
In this tender theatrical one-sheet, Concept Arts shows the family huddling together.