Coquette and Proxima Nova broaden their horizons

Welcome to the Mark Simonson Variety Show, where typefaces grow lighter and bolder and pick up new language skills!
Aside from creating exciting new typefaces, our foundry partners also occasionally expand or improve on existing font families. Mark Simonson just released upgrades to two of his most popular designs.
Coquette Weights
From the wispy Thin to the voluptuous Extrabold and Black, Coquette’s weights will seduce type lovers who have a wide range of preferences.
Coquette, Simonson’s elegant hybrid of vintage upright French script and classic German geometric sans serif, gains three new weights. They join the original Light, Regular, and Bold, effectively doubling the size of the family. The skinny Thin and full-bodied Extrabold and Black prove that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Coquette Features
Coquette dances to perfection with an extended set of f-ligatures and simplified alternate characters.
Coquette’s character set was also extended with all the typographic goodies users have come to expect from feature-rich OpenType faces: a full complement of f-ligatures, arbitrary fractions and superscript characters, and additional math characters. Alternate glyphs for the lowercase b, o, s, and & allow the user to temper Coquette’s whimsical nature.
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Proxima Nova increases its global reach with the addition of extensive Cyrillic and extra Greek characters.
Proxima Nova—one of the most widely used fonts on the web—not only boasts an impressive number of styles (eight weights with italics in regular, condensed, and extra-condensed widths); this blockbuster family now speaks even more languages, too. Simonson gave the character set extensive additions to Cyrillic, including support for Bulgarian, Serbian, and Macedonian variants, and a few additional Greek characters. All Mark Simonson fonts are available for print, web, applications, and ePub licensing. Webfonts may be tested free for thirty days. To keep current with Mark Simonson and other foundry partners, subscribe to Type Network News, our occasional email newsletter featuring font releases, foundry happenings, type and design events, and more.