Farewell, Font Bureau

As of 1 July 2024, we’ll no longer be offering the 34 Font Bureau typefaces in the list below. Since our launch in 2016, we’ve been proud to offer these fonts designed by David Berlow. The foundry that created these typefaces has sold these classic fonts to a company which has decided not to renew our distribution agreement. 

Does This Affect Me?

This affects only customers who have purchased Web and App licenses for Font Bureau fonts. Desktop licenses for Font Bureau fonts are not affected. Although, if you have a desktop license and you were thinking of adding App or Web licensing, now would be a great time!

Here’s how the change affects other customers:

  • Until July 1, you can add or extend a web or app license for your Font Bureau fonts, whether it’s currently due for renewal or not. Login to your Type Network account then choose “Your fonts”. Select the license and click “Renew” on the far right side. If you need assistance, just ask!
  • Font Bureau web fonts hosted by Type Network will not be interrupted until the license expires, at which time font serving will stop. Be sure to extend your license, buy a license from the new owner, or choose a different font before it expires.

You can also purchase a new license from Type Network for Font Bureau fonts, but only before July 1 2024.

If you need help purchasing a new license or if you get stuck or confused, just let us know. We’ll sort everything out. You can also reach out to us if you need help selecting a replacement for a Font Bureau font, or consult the list of recommendations below.

Now for the good news

Before selling these 34 fonts, Font Bureau transferred rights of nearly half of their library to their original designers. Many great typefaces are still represented by Type Network. To name a few: Antenna (Occupant), Interstate (Frere-Jones Type), Forma (DJR), Agenda (Greg Thompson), and Farnham (Orange Italic). 

In just the past few months, we’ve added thousands of fonts from some of the most exciting and innovative type foundries on the planet. And we’re not stopping there. In 2024 we’ll more than double our selection of the world’s highest quality type. 

Act now, before it is too late

If you’re considering classic Font Bureau typefaces for your project, there will never be a better time to license them from Type Network. When distribution changes, pricing often changes as well. Starting July 1, you might find it more difficult to get the licensing terms you expect and the great customer support you enjoy from Type Network. 

If you’ve purchased annual licensing for Font Bureau fonts, we advise you to renew your license now. You’ll be taking advantage of our reasonable prices and transparent licensing terms. You’ll also get the good service provided by people who really care about you and your fonts. Just follow the steps in the first bullet point above.

Fresh alternatives 

You could also consider alternative typefaces that could update your typography without distorting your brand. Talk to us, and we’ll help you find the perfect font for your needs.

Here are the typefaces that will no longer be offered by Type Network along with suggested alternates:

Agency FB → Apotek
Apres → Museo Sans
Belizio → Job Clarendon
Belucian → R41 Proclam
Benton Modern → Stilson
Benton Sans → CoFo Gothic
Berlin Sans → Arbotek
Bodoni FB → LTC Bodoni
Bureau Grot → Parry Grotesque
Californian FB → LTC Californian
Custer Display → Bookmania
Eagle → MVB Bovine
Empire → Sweet Titling No. 26
Escrow Banner → Miller Banner
Garamond FB → ATF Garamond
Giza → Roster
Kis FB → Zócalo
Meyer Two → Museo Slab
Moderno FB → Stilson
Poynter Agate → Forma DJR Micro
Poynter Gothic → ATF Franklin Gothic
Poynter Oldstyle → IvyPresto
Poynter Serif → Proxima Sera
Rhode → Field Gothic
Romeo → Bodega Sans
Scotch FB → Miller
Skyline → Freight Big Pro Compressed
Titling Gothic FB → ATF Railroad Gothic
Truth FB → Scout
Village → LTC Village
Vonnes → Forma DJR

A note for corporate customers

We understand this change may be disruptive. At Type Network, we want it to be easy for companies to choose the world’s top-quality fonts, and to license them in a way that makes sense. We have years of experience working with companies of all sizes, meeting the needs of even the most thorough legal and procurement teams.

We’re often able to help clients save tens—even hundreds—of thousands of dollars compared to our competitors. Start a conversation with us today about your type, and we’ll help you find the best solution.